Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dwarf Planets, animated short

Hi. One of the films I worked on this year is finally done.
(after all the technical troubles and errors finally)

The film is animated and rendered in Maya. The whole motivation behind this film was to model a lot of objects and try a lot of funny ideas. I also wanted to try a different rendering engine, V-ray. I will post some production art of the film. Hope you like it.

Color chart(play blast screenshots paint over ) of the film I made 
AFTER the animation was done. 
I used it as a guide for the final rendering.

One of my challenges this year was to make the effect to polygons.
here you see some of the tries.

I wanted to give the objects a paper like look and a stop motion
feel to the animation.
That is why the film runs on 2 frames and has no motion blur.

And Here is the Animatic(story board reel) version of the film. I think it shows my thinking process in the production of this film and also the few changes I made to the final version.

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  1. great staff, I like the color script alot. nice model and design! I would like to see more