Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This is my second year full 3D CG animation film.
The Plot is simply, "A knight meets a weird thirsty animal in the middle of a desert"
Besides some help with the rig, I did all design, story, modeling, texturing, animation, and effects by myself. I had the idea and story for a year, but the movie was made in 4 and a half month.
The Film
the full length film OASIS ROCK

Making of

I also made a short making of. It shows the sketches, design drawings, models
and set ups I did in Maya and Z brush. I hope it gives some information about my ideas, the process and the thought behind the project. I am really happy if this will be a good inspiration for students out there who wants to make a 3D CG film.


  1. Thank you for the animation and the making of video it really energize me to make a good animation