Friday, October 17, 2014

Boogey Boy Trailer!

Hi. It has been a while I think.
The game Boogey Boy I worked on for a while got a trailer up.
Edited by the studios talented animator, Ivy Flores...
(This trailer has been out for a while, but I had forgotten to share it on my blog here...)

All the 3D assets(model and rig) was made by me..
I think you can see some part of the in game 3D stuff from this trailer.

Btw, few more tutorials about cartoon ish 3D (referring this game) will be posted soon...
so plz keep an eye up for that.

Friday, August 8, 2014

How to Create Vector Graphic Looking 3D

Hi. This time I made my first tutorial/talk over video about 3D CG.

I had the opportunity to work as a 3D Artist at Goon studios, on a game project called 
"Boogey Boy". This video is about the method I used for its toon shading look.
I am calling it, "vector graphic looking 3D".

below here, I have a text version of the video:
Here I have 3 models from the game, Boogey Boy.
The red truck from the teaser, a blue car, and a plant monster.

for most of the models in this game, I used a special UV and texture technique to achieve
this "vector graphic look".
What that means is graphics that never get pixelated no matter how much you zoom in.
(like graphics that comes out from Adobe Illustrator, and maybe Flash,,,,)
for example, for this plant guy you can see that the texture never gets pixelated no matter how much I zoom in.
Here in the picture below are the texture I used for the Plant monster and the blue car. As you can see, they are simple color palette style textures. thanks to this simplicity I am able to 
compress both of these to 32 x 32 pixels or even lower. Some texture in the game are even 8x8, 4x4 pixels.(In games, polygons are cheaper than textures. If I am able to compress the texture to a really small size, that helps the game processing side too.)
To get this effect I am mapping the color palettes in the texture onto certain polygons of the model(just simply put the UV of the polygons in the color square you want).

To do this in Maya,
I select all the polygons that I want to put in a color square, 
go to "Window", "UV editor", "polygon" menu(this one you find inside the UV editor window), and then select "split UV", and then put the polygons(UVs) into the color part you want.

If you put these polygons in the picture into the pink color area on the bottom part of the texture, you get a result like the picture above. Basically polygons are the colors in this method.

One important part to note though, is that this method require the model to have certain topology, like this shadow part of the pot you can see here. 
So for all the models in this project I had to think about this from the modeling phaze.
It is very important to get the edges and polygons exactly where you want the colors and the color borders to be.

I need to say that this effect can also be achieved using vertex colors, but I personally prefer to do it in this way cause it is easier to do changes and fixes later.
Also, Vertex colors can be a big cliche if you do not use it right. I think I see a lot of artist using it just for the sake, and it is so obvious how it is made(in a bad way).

One more reason I prefer to use this method above vertex colors, is that It is easier to make a hybrid between this, and normal texturing techniques.
One example is this truck here(the texture is next to it)
The logo on the truck is a plane polygon mapped on a drawing, but everything else on the model is mapped on the color palettes you can see in the side area of the texture(the uves are crunched into this area). Thanks to this color palette method, I can use most of the texture space for the logo.

This is another example of how to use this method.
These are some background models you probably saw in the Boogey Boy game teaser.
(if you have not seen it yet, plz check it out here: )

This is how you can use color graduations with this methods.
The texture you see in the picture are both 128 x 32 pixels. The UVs are mapped onto the
gradients and the color palettes using the split UV functions.

That is basically it. I hope this helps some of you out there. :)
If you have any questions, plz feel free to ask me.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blue Car

I am working on a game now, and I have tons of assets that I wanna share on this blog, but I need to wait a little bit more...

But this one was fun, so I will post it here...
It is a car model I modeled and rigged. Design concept by Chase Osborne, and animated by Ivy Flores.
The car window is a flipped normal, and the color on the model is from a texture 64 x 64 size (I cut the UV s so the color edges gets sharp)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Keipr Online creature bust

Hi. I finished the head sculpt of a creature in Keipr online, a game I am currently working on.
It is based on the design/concept by SkullSquid(Troy Galluzzi).

This is a tutorial/making of a 3d creature in a game I am currently working on.
It go through the process from zbrush, retopo, texturing and a quick maya rendering. 
Hope you like it.

If you can go to the links below and like the sites, that would be awesome.
suggestion, advice, message, all welcome.

©Leo Ogawa Lillrank
©Troy Galluzzi

Visit the Keipr site: 
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Game Explanation:
Keipr Online is a massively multiplayer online sandbox. In Keipr Online, you will be taking on the role of a planetary colonist to forge a new civilization with tens of thousands of other players. The game starts as you awaken from cryo sleep in the star ship, known as Keipr, to discover a newly-founded bustling mining town surrounding the crash site.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shader test in Unity 3D.

Hi. It has been a while since I posted something here. I will try get more stuff up from now on,,,,.
Here is a shader test(visual test) in Unity 3D I did at "Goon Studios".
I did the modeling, rigging, texturing and the real time shader specifications, set up in unity, and editing,,,
Simply I did almost everything but the concept art and posing the characters.

This game, Keipr online, is a cool online game I am currently working on.
check out more here at Steam Green Light:

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dwarf Planets, animated short

Hi. One of the films I worked on this year is finally done.
(after all the technical troubles and errors finally)

The film is animated and rendered in Maya. The whole motivation behind this film was to model a lot of objects and try a lot of funny ideas. I also wanted to try a different rendering engine, V-ray. I will post some production art of the film. Hope you like it.

Color chart(play blast screenshots paint over ) of the film I made 
AFTER the animation was done. 
I used it as a guide for the final rendering.

One of my challenges this year was to make the effect to polygons.
here you see some of the tries.

I wanted to give the objects a paper like look and a stop motion
feel to the animation.
That is why the film runs on 2 frames and has no motion blur.

And Here is the Animatic(story board reel) version of the film. I think it shows my thinking process in the production of this film and also the few changes I made to the final version.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Character Model (collaboration project)

Hi. This is few models I made for a friend of mine, Ivy Flores.
I modeled after some concept art, in Maya and 3D Coat.