Thursday, September 24, 2015

Robin Egg - 3D Fan art - from app "Between"

This is a 3D fan art(?) I made of the mobile app "Between" and one of its stamp character "Robin Egg"
(seems like it is a naked robin egg, covering hes/her(?) crouch with a piece of its shell.
The mobile app "Between" in a SNS(?) app for couples. It gives you the tool and space to communicate with only your spouse. I had a great time in this app with my wife, and that became my reason to make this piece.
(Note: I have nothing to do with the development or the developers of this app, I am just a fan. This is 100% non commercial.)

If you're interested, check out the app too.

Here is my first attempt to use the Marmoset viewer on my blog:

my art station post link is here. Please check it out also

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